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Random Weather Rules for Heroclix Solo Wargaming

The following is the second of three optional rules that have been designed to work with the Solo Wargaming Rules for Heroclix posted in January on Solo Nexus. The next optional rule will be posted on Solo Nexus in April. All three optional rules will be in effect during my November 2011 Solo Tabletop Gaming Appreciation Month campaign, a multi-battle, super-powered war played out on a real map of NYC.

Randomized Weather Rules (optional)
0, 1, or 2 Weather Events may affect the combatants’ mobility or visibility. Before the first turn of a game played on an Outdoor or Indoor/Outdoor map, roll 1d6 twice and, for the duration of the game, apply the results from the chart below (click to enlarge).

Alternatively, if a solo player wanted to deliberately impose a particular, non-random condition to the battle, he or she would simply select the appropriate events. For example, if the battle was to take place during a blizzard, apply "High Winds" and "Snowstorm" to the game for the duration of the battle.

(By the way, for 'clix players wondering why I made this chart instead of just using Battlefield Condition cards, check back for next month's third optional rule.)

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