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Hired Swords, version 1.4

Thanks to Alex S., I got a great tip on David Graffam's solo gem, Hired Swords, a card game that puts you in charge of a stable of mercenaries.

From the game's description:
In this card game, you manage your own crew of skilled mercenaries in the treacherous deserts of Sohria. By fighting your way through a series of contracted missions, you'll build up your reputation and form a stable of loyal soldiers-of-fortune. Command your favorite team of mercenaries in combat, and face powerful and exotic foes with your own special abilities and tactics.

Your successes and failures will spell out your career path as you take on a variety of job types. When your crew is ready, you'll take on one last contract -- the final mission that will cement your status as a legend, or will leave your mercenaries broke and defeated. Each time you play the game, you'll have different opportunities, and a unique story will unfold based on your choices. Your crew might become loyal hatchetmen for the prince, or you might choose a career in crime and risk the royals' wrath. You might explore the uncharted wildernesses, or travel along the roads protecting trade caravans.

Hired Swords gives you control of the game on two levels. On the tactical level, you get to choose your mercenaries' actions and movement during the chaos of battle. On the strategic level, you can manage your larger affairs, such as your team's wealth and clout, and choosing the right locale for the sorts of contracts you're interested in. 

Below are two PDF links - one for the rules and one for the printable cards. These are the version 1.4 documents, and David tells me that he's already testing an upgraded version which I hope he shares with us in the near future!

Get the rules for Hired Swords v1.4 HERE.

Get the cards Hired Swords v1.4 HERE.

If you get the chance to play, please let us know how it goes!

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