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Re-Skinning Mutant Hunter

Freelance writer and longtime gamer Andrew Domino has created several kinds of gaming experiences which he has been generously sharing on his website for some time now, but one of his most addictive offerings is Mutant Hunter, a 40K-inspired, two-page solitaire RPG that is terribly clever and fun as is, but which features mechanics that might easily serve as a template for other genres and themes!

Andrew has graciously allowed me to invite everyone to play Mutant Hunter and, if they'd like, to "re-skin" the thematic elements, creating new types of hunts using Andrew's original rules concepts.

First, download the Mutant Hunter Character Sheet and Rules. This first document will show you how to play.

Second, download the Mutant Hunter Adventure Sheet. This document is the heart of the game.

You'll see quickly that Combat and Social Encounters can be easily customized and expanded, allowing for endless narrative possibilities!

So, try Andrew's Mutant Hunter and, for anyone so inspired, re-skin the themes and send them to Solo Nexus!

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